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From language to language

Since we started out in 1992, we have built up a solid reputation as a professional language services partner. Our translations of annual reports, marketing texts, press releases, websites and a wide range of other specialist fields guarantee that the content of your text is accurately rendered in the target language.

We speak marketing

One of our areas of expertise is the target group-specific adaptation of advertising texts into other languages. Our clients put a great deal of effort into perfecting their texts and they have every right to expect the same dedication from their translator.

Creative translations should read like original copy. Words and phrases have to be target group-specific so that your message reaches its audience without any language losses. You benefit because our translations have the same impact as the original.

Polishing your prose

We put the finishing touches to your own translations or foreign language copy texts before they are released in your international markets. The texts are checked for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, logical structure, continuity of style and comprehensibility.

If you like, we can reduce foreign language texts to the essentials or adapt their style. Whether you opt for original, elegant or factual language register, the result is always precisely tailored to the requirements of your target readership.

Certified translations

We’ll be happy to certify the documents we translate for government authorities, universities, courts or employers.

We offer German and English translations in easy-to-read
and plain language German/English, or adapt existing texts:
Easy-to-read texts

Easy-to-read language as defined by the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities is intended to help people with reading difficulties to participate in society and politics. Easy-to-read texts follow certain rules such as the use of short main clauses and as few subordinate clauses as possible, as well as the use of familiar words and explanations of difficult words.

Plain language texts

Plain language is a way of writing or presenting information so that readers can understand it quickly and easily. Plain language should be easy to read, understand and use. Plain language avoids verbose or convoluted language, jargon, euphemism, and ambiguous language.


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